Elon Local News to premiere 'The Threads of Burlington' – Dec. 1

Elon Local News will premiere its documentary “Elon Local News Presents: The Threads of Burlington” at 7 p.m. in LaRose Digital Theater in Elon University’s Koury Business Center.

Burlington, N.C. Mayor-elect Ian Baltutis '08
Elon Local News will premiere its documentary “Elon Local News Presents: The Threads of Burlington” on Tuesday, Dec. 1, in LaRose Digital Theater in Elon University’s Koury Business Center. The documentary brings you the good, the bad and hope for the future of Burlington – an illustrious mill town turned convenient pit stop.

The documentary features interviews with more than 60 Burlington community members, from Burlington Mayor-elect Ian Baltutis to members of the community struggling to put food on the table.

When provided with an opportunity to create a documentary, the Elon Local News staff said they were passionate and thrilled to be able to tell a story so many Elon University students fail to know.

“Reporting on crime in Burlington was as eyeopening and humbling experience as a journalist,” reporter Paul LeBlanc said. “Interacting with people that risk their lives everyday to protect the citizens in our community was truly profound. It is my hope that this documentary not only addresses the stereotypes about crime in Burlington, but the city as a whole.”

Burlington Police Chief Jeffrey Smythe
Nine topics are featured: The Divide Between East and West Burlington, Perceptions of Burlington and Elon, Politics, Local Businesses, Agriculture, Alamance Burlington School System, Hunger And Homelessness, Crime, and History. 

“A lot of Elon students joke that we live in this ‘Elon Bubble,’ but it’s true,” said Executive Producer Lauren Cook. “’The Threads of Burlington’ is important because it shows students that there is more to Burlington than Elon.” 

Executive Producers of the project were Lauren Cook ’16 and Corey Shegda ’16. Caroline Hartshorn ’18 served as Associate Producer. Evan McGillivray ’16 served as Director. Jacob LaPlante ’17 and Lauren Duncan ’18 served as Production Managers, and Dan MacLaury ’18 served as Assistant Production Manager.

The reporters for the documentary were Michelle Alfini ’16, Dionne Buck ’16, Alex Day ’16, Gary Grumbach ’16, Meredith Stutz ’16, Ashley Bohle ’17, Paige Pauroso ’17, Paul LeBlanc ’18, and Jackie Pascale ’18. 

Sara Russell ’16, Audrey Engelman ’17, Andrew Feather ’17, Jennie Hook ’16, Zach Hrinuk ’17, Atoria Mills ’17, Elizabeth Bilka ’18, Caroline Hartshorn ’18, and Brooke Wivagg ’18 served as producers.

“Throughout this project I have had the opportunity to explore, learn, discover, and be amazed by the city and community of Burlington,” Cook said. “This documentary has motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and see what the world holds outside of my own ‘Elon Bubble,’ and I hope this inspires others to do the same.”

Elon Local News welcomes the Elon and Burlington community to attend. There will be desserts and refreshments following the program.

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