Troy Senkiewicz ’98 receives Outstanding Alumnus Award

The Los Angeles-based technology consultant noted that his connection to his alma mater continues to grow with every passing year, thanks to the friends and mentors he found on campus.

Troy Senkiewicz ’98 (left), recipient of the School of Communications’ 2016 Outstanding Alumni Award, shares a laugh with Communications Dean Paul Parsons during the alumnus’ introduction at an April 21 awards ceremony.
Troy Senkiewicz ’98, CEO of DigiMax Consulting in Los Angeles, was recognized on April 21 with the School of Communications 2016 Outstanding Alumnus Award at the school’s annual awards ceremony.

During a relaxed acceptance speech – with faculty mentors occasionally chiming in from the audience – Senkiewicz detailed the unexpected turns that first led him two decades ago to become a production assistant for Elon Student Television. Happenstance steered him to the television studio one day, and “that’s when I decided the entertainment industry was something for me,” he said. Today, he works with several major movie studios on systems integration and technology, involved with 360 video platforms, fiber optic systems and even interactive holograms.

One by one he listed mentors who aided his development, providing support, direction and guidance. His anecdotes included Chief Engineer Jeff James, Chief Information Officer Christopher Waters ’94, Associate Professor Tom Nelson and Assistant Professor Ray Johnson by name. Whether he was combating malfunctioning equipment or operating budgets, Senkiewicz recalled that assistance wasn’t far away on campus.

“Elon’s community, faculty and staff, and alumni provided me with countless opportunities and resources. I took advantage of all of that,” he said, noting the many clubs and organizations he participated in. “At Elon I was encouraged to take risks. I was encouraged to learn from my mistakes.”

From those student-mentor relationships grew friendships that continue to bind him to his alma mater, Senkiewicz explained.

As an undergraduate, Senkiewicz was active member of the Elon community involved in ESTV, Student Government Association, Student Union Board, Habitat for Humanity and Safe Rides. He even produced and directed ESTV’s first live call-in show. 
​Over the years, the Elon alumnus has played a significant role in creating opportunities both on and off campus. In 2011, he donated the cable and spent almost a week rewiring the studios in McEwen Communications Building for high-definition – the largest technology initiative in the school since arriving in the facility in 2000. Additionally, he’s advised numerous students who want to follow his path into the entertainment industry.

“[Troy] has gone above-and-beyond to help the School of Communications transition to high-definition production quality and to mentor our students in Los Angeles,” said Communications Dean Paul Parsons in his introduction.

In conjunction with the yearly Broadcast Education Association convention and National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas, Senkiewicz regularly hosts an Elon gathering in his suite, bringing together faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Senkiewicz noted that it was 20 years ago this spring that he attended his first NAB Show, a trip chaperoned by Nelson and other Elon faculty. That anniversary hit home as he flew to campus from Las Vegas the night before the ceremony with Communications Associate Dean Don Grady and Assistant Professor Gerald Gibson.

​“This is my way of giving back to the Elon community, but also creating opportunities for others – the opportunities I had when I was here,” Senkiewicz said. “For me, my Elon experience never ended. My Elon experience continues every day – and each day it gets stronger. I encourage each of you to take advantage of that Elon experience.”