I Am Elon with Ben Lutz ’17

An international studies and political science double major, Lutz feels at home in the academic organizations he has been a part while at Elon.

Ben Lutz ’17 decided at an early age that international issues would be a cornerstone of his career. He was hooked in high school after an introduction to Model United Nations, a simulation of U.N. councils, along with international travel. “I was always interested in the world, and Elon’s study abroad prowess drew me here,” the international studies and political science double major says.

“When anyone asks me what I do for fun, I say the academic clubs I’m in. We have so many similar passions, and these group members include some of my favorite people on campus.” He says he naturally gravitates toward leadership roles and serves as president of three clubs: Model U.N., Poverty Simulation and the Arabic Language Organization.

Ben has taken Arabic every semester, which led him to study other interests like Islam, history, global affairs and the Middle East, a region he finds fascinating. “I don’t really know why; I just love the area. Arabic is the most influential course I’ve taken at Elon. It combined all of my passions and began my journey to understand the region.” After studying abroad in the Middle East three times, Ben intends to move abroad and continue his academic work after graduation. He applied for a graduate program in the United Kingdom to study peace and conflict resolution and is a semifinalist for a Fulbright scholarship to research interfaith diplomacy in Oman.

Even with a long list of exciting prospects, Ben says he will miss Elon. “There’s such a great culture of mutual respect and support at Elon and so much engagement. That’s what I will miss once I leave.”

“I Am Elon” is a multimedia series by The Magazine of Elon featuring Elon students in their own words.

By Kim Walker