Ryan Rasmussen, artist talk/art exhibition – Oct. 23

Department of Art and Art History hosts artist talk at 5:30 p.m. followed by opening reception for installation at Gallery 406, Arts West. Exhibition continues until Dec. 1. 

Ryan Rasmussen is a multi-disciplinary artists whose work spans practices in printmaking, sculpture, installation, interactive objects, video, digital fabrication, teaching and things that have mass or do not. His work serves to investigate how contemporary cultural artifacts simultaneously embody and emit desire through an expanding global vernacular.

Rasmussen sees these forms as a cultural composite whose morphology is based on abstract, socially agreeable representations of value. As a result, they are exceptional in their adaptability to social change and are capable of igniting cultural mutation as well as mirroring it. His role as an artist is to interpret these forces that are not only present in our world but are major players in crafting it.

Exhibition continues until Dec. 1.