Ringelberg publishes in Woman's Art Journal

The art historian appears in the Fall/Winter 2017 volume with a critique of contemporary art historical Orientalism.

Kirstin Ringelberg, professor of art history, has published an essay in the fall/winter volume of Woman's Art Journal

In the essay "Little Sister, Big Girl: Tabaimo and the Gendered Devaluation of Contemporary Japanese Art", Ringelberg points out the way English-language art writers use outmoded and offensive tropes to discuss contemporary Japanese artists.

Tabaimo, whose hand-drawn, projected animations are complex and variable, has been associated positively with kawaii (cuteness), anime, manga, and described as "demure." Ringelberg points out the way these same critics then diminish the value of such associations, gendering Japanese contributions to global art culture especially by women artists as superficial and feminine.

The essay joins three others and a set of book reviews in Volume 38 Number 2 of the feminist art journal.