Global photo contest gallery on display in The Oak House

The annual global photo contest drew more than 150 submissions from the Elon community, capturing moments of global engagement all over the world.

A selection from the more than 150 entries in this year’s global photo contest are now on display in The Oak House.

Five students won this year’s contest, including a grand prize of a flight voucher courtesy of Aladdin Travel, and gift cards to The Oak House for category winners.

Elon students, faculty, and staff submitted to three categories:

Stories: Photos that tell the story of global engagement and engaged learning.

States: Photos that demonstrate moments of cultural difference within the United States.

Scenes: Photos that capture captivating sights around the world.

Winning photos, determined by tallying reactions on Facebook, are:

Overall: Gabby Vance ’18, Berlin, Germany

Stories category: Alexandra Pirsos ’21, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

States category: Emily Grom Current ’18, St. Augustine, Florida

Scenes category: Caroline Cirby ’19, Bruarfoss Waterfall, Iceland

The contest also features a Global Education Center (GEC) staff pick, which is the photo that best reflects the power and purpose of international education according to the department.

GEC staff pick: Sarah Stone ’19, Seville, Spain

For the first time, the global photo contest features a gallery on display at The Oak House. This year’s winning photos are joined by an Oak House pick and a GEC communications team pick.

Oak House pick: Serena Archer ’19, Florence, Italy

GEC communications team pick: Lara Yeast ’19, Capri, Italy

The gallery is available through commencement, until the global photo contest returns next April.