John Biewen, 'Seeing White' – Oct. 25

The host of the podcast "Scene on Radio" will discuss recent discussion on race and stories from his powerful documentary series. 

Thursday, Oct. 25
John Biewen, “Seeing White”
McKinnon Hall, Moseley Center, 7 p.m.

John Biewen is audio program director at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies and host of the podcast, “Scene on Radio.” In the second season of this podcast, Biewen began a 14-part miniseries entitled “Seeing White,” a response to recent events that have thrust conversations about race into the forefront of public consciousness, especially questions concerning terminology like “whiteness” and “blackness.”

Biewen will speak about the unique challenges that arose out of the creation, production, and reception of this powerful documentary series. His 30-year career as a public radio journalist and documentarian began as a philosophy student in Minnesota. His work has aired on programs including “All Things Considered,” “Weekend Edition,” “This American Life,” the BBC World Service and as specials on
hundreds of stations nationwide. Biewen is animated by curiosity about the human experience, a love of radio craft and an interest in social justice. 

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