English faculty present at writing program administrators conference

Margaret Chapman and Paula Patch gave multiple presentations at the annual conference of the Council of Writing Program Administrators.

Margaret Chapman, lecturer in English, and Paula Patch, senior lecturer in English and college writing coordinator, attended and presented at the 2018 Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) conference in Sacramento, California, held July 26-29, 2018.

Patch, who is an at-large member of the Executive Board of CWPA, presented an interactive poster session, “Inventing the Global University: Crosscultural Composition as Core Experience,” about the implementation of crosscultural composition experiences for students and faculty in ENG 110 Writing: Argument & Inquiry classes at Elon.

Chapman and Patch co-led a seminar, “Fear and Learning in the Classroom: The Costs and Benefits of Vulnerability in First-Year Writing,” that explored the intersections between pedagogical innovation, labor, and vulnerability in the first year writing. They shared the experiences of faculty piloting de-centered pedagogy, and discussed re-thinking the role of the instructor in writing classrooms; the value of the “performance of work” in teaching; and whether these re-positionings might disadvantage untenured and contingent faculty.