‘Elon University Faculty: Passionately Curious’ celebrates faculty scholarship

The 2018 edition of the President’s Report highlights the accomplishments of the university’s outstanding educators. These intellectual leaders exemplify the kind of drive and commitment that makes Elon such a distinctive academic community.


A message from President Connie Ledoux Book

Elon is fortunate to have truly exceptional faculty dedicated to excellent teaching, scholarly accomplishment and transformative mentoring. These impressive educators are the heartbeat of Elon’s thriving intellectual community, preparing students to be leaders and changemakers.

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“Elon University Faculty: Passionately Curious” celebrates our ethos of academic excellence. I invite you to read the stories behind these faculty members’ personal drive to discover new knowledge and better our world. They are exploring topics such as the future of the internet, the impact of technology on women’s empowerment, the lived experience of adolescents and young adults with HIV and the role of storytelling in expanding our understanding of humanity. All are fiercely committed to working alongside students as co-inquirers and lifelong learners.

The Elon community is well-positioned to solve complex problems in an ever-changing world thanks to the leadership of these talented scholars and their peers. I hope their stories will inspire each of us to continue our own intellectual journey and reach for ever higher levels of knowledge and understanding.

President Connie Ledoux Book


Faculty members featured in the 2018 President’s Report

Haya Ajjan, associate professor of management information systems

Janna Anderson, professor of communications

Jeff Carpenter, associate professor of education

Geoffrey Claussen, associate professor of religious studies

Ben Evans, associate professor of physics

Cindy Fair, Watts/Thompson professor of public health studies and human service studies

Tom Mould, J. Earl Danieley professor of anthropology

Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, professor of psychology