Cassie Lott receives the Acorn Accolade

Cassie is recognized for her impressive contributions as a systems administrator and dedicated member of Elon’s Information Technology team.

By Elizabeth Kirkhorn, ’19

Cassie Lott, a valued systems administrator with Elon Information Technology’s Infrastructure team, is the latest recipient of the Acorn Accolade. This recognition is attributed to Cassie’s work protecting Elon’s data. She troubleshoots phishing attempts and writes informative communications to make Elon users aware of how to best protect sensitive information online.

Assistant Vice President of Technology and CIO, Christopher Waters presents Cassie Lott with the Acorn Accolade award.

Lott is an integral part of Elon’s digital security efforts, integrating measures which prevent future data breaches. She leads the initiative to incorporate SPAM and URL filtering for Office 365, and she is innovative with her use of emerging technologies. Lott assists with information security awareness and mitigation using front line log management tool, Splunk.

The nomination notes more than Lott’s dedication to her role at Elon. She is highly regarded for her willingness to work long hours in the office, as well as late nights away from campus when necessary. Lott is additionally known as someone with exceptionally high standards for customer service, and this is seen with everyone she engages.

Her supervisor, Jerry Williams, attests that Lott is a wonderful co-worker and an extremely valuable resource in her department. Williams also notes that Lott differentiates herself with a willingness to research solutions that will improve efficiencies within the department and Elon overall.

“She is a very hard worker, always available, and is fun to be around,” he said. “She strives to stay on top of our ever-changing technologies, as well as, assists in maintaining the current infrastructure. I count it an honor to have her in Systems Administration.”

To Lott, the Acorn Accolade comes as a pleasant surprise.

“I am lucky to be doing exactly what I love to do,” she said. “To receive this award is an affirmation that I am on the right path and serves as a motivator to do an even better job.”

Humbly, Lott affirms that this recognition is the result of a consistent team effort.

“I would like to thank my team first,” she said. “Without them, it would be impossible to do my job. I would also like to thank all of my colleagues within Information Technology. Their support is a driving force for the completion of tasks and projects.”

The Acorn Accolade is awarded each month to an exceptional member of Elon’s Information Technology team. The individual must be nominated by his or her department head to the assistant vice president of technology.