Elon website pages adopt new navigation header

A redesigned top section of pages on the Elon website includes a new link that highlights the university’s emphasis on global engagement.

Elon’s web team has adjusted its site-wide navigation header with a link to a new “Global” page that features resources that align with the university’s extensive global education programs. The new header was deployed across the Elon website in late February.

People navigating all pages on Elon’s website now have direct access to a landing page with links to global curricular offerings, the many centers that connect to international programs and perspectives, the university’s international student recruitment resources, and Elon’s extensive study abroad and study USA opportunities. 

“Elon’s vast array of global experiences has long been a signature piece of the university, but they reside in various offices around the campus,” said Woody Pelton, dean of global education. “Now all of those opportunities have been collected into a single landing page.”

The concept for the new global landing page germinated over two years ago in a meeting among many faculty and staff invested in Elon’s global efforts. Led by Pelton, the group drafted Elon’s various global activities on a whiteboard and then worked to categorize them. The final product of that whiteboard exercise was a page that groups 40 links across five categories, drawing connections among the diverse ways Elon’s commitment to global education is realized across campus and around the world. In addition to highlighting Elon’s #1 ranking in study abroad, the page demonstrates the broad scope of global education at Elon – a university where global perspectives are developed starting in orientation and continuing through post-graduate opportunities.

Other changes

The new header also adds quick links to allow web users to submit an application for admission to Elon and donate to the university. In addition, a newly named “Resources” button (formerly called “Tools”) is moved toward the center of the header and opens a top menu of links to frequently used online resources.


In some cases, the new header will not display properly until the web browser cache has been cleared. If you're not sure how to clear the cache, contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.