Management majors earn Project Management Institute CAPM certification

Twenty-eight management majors successfully completed testing to earn the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) designation.

Twenty-eight students in the MGT 430 – Seminar in Project Management course completed certification testing to earn the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) designation in May 2019.

Certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI) requires a combination of academic coursework in project management and the successful completion of a three-hour, 150-question certification exam.

"MGT 430 – Seminar in Project Management" is the capstone course within the Project Management Career Track offered by the Department of Management. As part of the course, students prepare for and complete the certification exam.

The Project Management Career Track provides management majors with a strong foundation in a professionally recognized project management body of knowledge, opportunities for skill development as project managers, and experience with the tools and techniques essential to effective project work. 

The Project Management Institute (  offers the following with regard to the project management career field:

  • 1.6 million jobs will open in project management annually for the next decade (Anderson Economic Group study)
  • US $62,000 average salary (US) of project managers with under 3 years of experience
  • US $144,000 average salary (US) of experienced project managers
  • The CAPM is ranked on annual lists of “most valued certifications.”
  • 95% of executives identify project management as the single most important skill for their companies’ current and future success (Economist Intelligence Unit study)

"The CAPM is an asset that will distinguish students in the job market and enhance their credibility and effectiveness working on or with project teams," said course instructor Matt Valle, Martha and Spencer Love Term Professor and professor of management. 

Several students who earned the CAPM certification attributed their selection for interviews/jobs to listing the certification on their resumes. They also noted employers recognized the CAPM certification and asked about academic preparation for project work during interviews.

"I am very proud of the hard work each student put into preparing for PMI certification," Valle said. "I am confident that their dedication will continue to pay dividends in their future careers, whether they work in the project management field or not."

The following management majors earned CAPM certification:

Evan R. Andrews

Kyle A. Bacciocco

Timothy A. Brabandt

Stephanie J. Brown

Samantha L. Chilton

Taylor A. Foote

Madison A. Gazette

Aye Aye Han

Madeline T. Hollenbeck

Bruce Jansa

Michael P. King

Rachel E. Leonard

Sarah M. Lord

Wil J. Loughborough

Amanda M. Loughran

Colin R. Natale

Patrick O'Grady

William E. Petty

Bridget E. Reilly

William J. Rich

Jeremy C. Rubin

Gabriele R. Shaw

Caner D. Snover

Guillermo J. Tous

Erin K. Trindell

Allison M. Veit

Kevin A. Vergne

Michael Walsh