Elon recognizes students for completion of Peace Corps Prep program

Elon, which in March was named a top producer of Peace Corps volunteers, recently recognized 10 students who completed the Peace Corps Prep program along with those who will become Peace Corps volunteers following graduation. 

By Sonya Walker '20

Elon recognized 10 students on May 9 for completing the university's Peace Corps Prep program, including two members of the Class of 2019 who will be become Peace Corps volunteers after graduation and serve in Rwanda and Senegal.

​Ten program completion certificates were awarded Thursday night at the 2019 Peace Corps Preparatory Program Celebration in the Isabella Cannon Room. Assistant Professor of English and director of the program Jennifer Eidum opened the night by recognizing not only the students completing the program but also the Elon students and graduates who have accepted offers from the Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps, a volunteer program run by the federal government, enables participants to go abroad for more than two years to serve in a variety of roles in government, education and service. 

In March, the university was recognized by the Peace Corps as a top producer of volunteers for a second year. Elon was tied for No. 18 among medium schools on the agency’s 2019 Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges and Universities list, with 19 Elon alumni currently volunteering worldwide and more than 130 having served all-time. Also ranking No. 18 on this year's list with 19 volunteers were Boston College, Cornell University, DePaul University, SUNY-Binghamton University and the University of Chicago.

The Peace Corps Prep Program at Elon helps students gain a competitive edge among other potential applicants to the Peace Corps through a focused trajectory of classes that prepare them for potential service.

This academic year, the Peace Corps Prep Program at Elon has expanded significantly and is now a program that appeals to students from a much broader spectrum of disciplines. The program achieved recertification as it added to the range of work sectors it prepares students for to include Agriculture, Community Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health and Youth in Development.

“It's really exciting to have all of those sectors because not only does it mean that the program helps to prepare students for all areas of the Peace Corps, it also engages our school of business, our communications school and school of education,” Eidum said. “So it really is an Elon-wide initiative.”

Eidum says that the sector expansion has raised awareness among students, faculty and administrators about Elon’s Peace Corp Prep program and the numbers of interested students is rising.

Elon students recognized for completing the Peace Corps Prep Program in 2019:

  • Bonnie Bloxom
  • Moriah Collins
  • Monique Hanna
  • Nicole Harrison
  • Sofia Huster
  • Hope Koene
  • Conor McVeigh
  • Sarah Smythe
  • Anna Thomas
  • Lauren Ventresca

Elon students and alumni becoming Peace Corps volunteers this year:

  • Lindsay Arnold, South Africa  '15
  • Bonnie Bloxom '19, Rwanda
  • Anna Thomas '19, Senegal

Students interested in Elon's Peace Corps Prep Program can find more information here