James Beuerle awarded Mathematical Association of America's Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant

The grant supports a collaboration between the mathematics club at Williams High School in Burlington and Elon. 

James Beuerle, associate professor of mathematics, received a $3,570 grant from the Mathematical Association of America's Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant program for his project, "The Williams High School Mathematics Club." Ryne Vankrevelen, lecturer in statistics, was co-author of the proposal.

Associate Professor James Beuerle and Lecturer Ryne Vankrevelen
This project is a collaboration between the Williams High School (WHS) Mathematics Club and Elon University. In its third year, this program seeks to engage a diverse population of approximately 45 WHS students in three types of mathematical enrichment activities during the 2019-20 academic year for the purpose of inspiring those students to take more mathematics classes in their secondary and postsecondary careers.

The three activities are: (1) preparing for and participating in two mathematics contests – the AMC 10/12 and the Elon University High School Math Contest; (2) researching, alongside Elon University undergraduate mathematics majors, unsolved problems in the area of statistics and disseminating results in the form of conference presentations and at least one submission for publication; (3) attending a monthly speaker series, hosted at Elon, where speakers from academia, business, industry, and government discuss aspects of their careers that have the potential to inspire students to pursue a STEM major at the university level.