Phillip Motley co-authors book chapter on collaborative writing

The associate professor of communication design and interactive media contributed to a book exploring writing partnerships, groups and retreats, and how scholars can increase their publication capacity and develop their writing skills.

Associate Professor Phillip Motley co-authored a chapter in the book “Critical Collaborative Communities: Academic Writing Partnerships, Groups, and Retreats,” which was published Aug. 5. The text was released by Brill.

Associate Professor Phillip Motley 
Edited by Nicola Simmons and Ann Singh of Brock University, the book addresses how to negotiate writing with others, what others have learned through writing partnerships, groups and retreats, and what the authors recommend for others considering these approaches to scholarly writing.

Motley served as the lead author on a chapter titled “Collaborative Writing: Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Partnerships as a Means of Identity Formation.” He was one of six authors to contribute to the chapter. This is the third publication Motley has authored with this group of faculty whose members are from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the United States, and who began working together in 2012 as part of the International Collaborative Writing Groups program associated with the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. The program was first offered in 2012, again in 2015, and will be for the third time in 2019. Motley will serve this year as one of the leaders of the program.

In December, Motley was selected as the 2019-21 Center for Engaged Learning Scholar to support his exploration of immersive learning as a high-impact practice.