Criminal Justice Studies internship highlight: Devon Werner

Devon Werner '21, a criminal justice studies minor, sees behind the scenes as a Crime Analyst Intern with Burlington Police Department

Many criminal justice studies students opt to pursue internships that provide exposure to professions in the field, including careers in law enforcement, the legal system, crime data analysis, clinical settings and more. This feature highlights the internships of criminal justice studies minors.

Criminal Justice Studies minor Devon Werner ’21 began interning with the crime analysis unit at the Burlington Police Department last spring. Her internship was advised by Rena Zito, assistant professor in sociology.

Devon Werner (’21)

Of her experience, Werner says:

“I have always had a passion for criminal justice and my courses at Elon sparked at interest in the behind-the-scenes police work. I was able to work alongside crime analysts at the Burlington Police department and have access to all their information and data.

“While working there, I learned a lot about the types of crime that are occurring right in my backyard in Burlington, North Carolina. I had the opportunity to do a ride-along with a police officer where I witnessed a break-in and arrest.

“I visited the criminal investigations department where I shadowed detectives that specialized in crimes against children. I also went along with detectives to a judge’s office so that he could approve an arrest warrant for them. I worked on a research project that examined juvenile crime and the predictors of reoffending in adulthood.

“The experience allowed me to apply what I learned to my criminal justice studies minor and helped me narrow down what I hope to do with my life professionally post-graduation.”

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