Elon students present at regional chemistry conference

Students presented their research at the annual Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) in Savannah, Georgia.

Nine Elon students recently presented at the Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS).

SERMACS is the preeminent regional meeting in the southeast bringing together chemists from across the country. Held Oct. 20–23 in Savannah, Georgia, the following students were selected to present their peer-reviewed undergraduate research:

Elon at SERMACS Sunday October 20, 2019 (picture from left to right: Avery Hatch, John Post, Dr. Jen Dabrowski, Sarah Brown, Bailey Gilmore, Dr. Kathy Matera, Margaret Hughes)

Erin Armstrong ’20 (Biochemistry major, Dabrowski lab)

“Comparison of the stereochemical effects on the cyclization of sorbitol and allitol sugars and non-sugar model 1,4-pentanediol utilizing B(C6F5)3 and allylsilane co-catalysis.” (poster presentation)

Sarah Brown ’20 (Biochemistry major, Matera lab)

“Aggregation patterns of insulin and amyloid-beta peptides.” (oral presentation)

Elizabeth Chapman ’20 (Honors fellow, biochemistry major, Matera lab)

“Stabilization of aβ oligomers using serotonin, indole, and catechol and their effects on DNA.” (poster presentation)

Bailey Gilmore ’20 (Elon College fellow, biochemistry major, Matera lab)

“Effects of cholesterol on amyloid beta aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease.” (oral presentation)

Avery Hatch ’20 (Elon College fellow & Lumen scholar, biochemistry major, Clar lab)

“Transformation of metal oxide nanoparticles in surface coatings: Hazards of inhalation and ingestion during application.” (oral presentation)

Elon at SERMACS Tuesday October 22, 2019 (pictured left to right: Sara Spicker, Elizabeth Chapman, Eleanor Scimone, Dr. Jen Dabrowski, Put Usaphea Vanna, Erin Armstrong)

Margaret Hughes ’21 (Lumen scholar, biochemistry major, Clar lab)

“Assessing the release and transformation of metal additives from consumer plastics.” (poster presentation)

John Post ’20 (Biochemistry major, Matera lab)

“Investigating the oxidative mechanism leading to atherosclerotic lesions.” (poster presentation)

Eleanor Scimone ’21 (Sustainability Grant recipient, biochemistry major, Dabrowski lab)

“Catalytic cyclization of 1-amino-1-deoxy-d-galactitol towards a renewable alternative to petroleum-based medicines.” (poster presentation)

Put Usaphea Vanna ’20 (Odyssey Program scholar, chemistry major, Dabrowski lab)

“Analysis of adonitol as a resource for future sustainable consumer products.” (poster presentation)

Research presentations were not the only thing students took part in. Additional experiences included a graduate school/career fair, seminars by preeminent researchers and local cuisine.