Ben Seay honored as Acorn Accolade Technology Award recipient

Seay, a network technician, was praised for excelling in his role and providing exceptional customer service.

Applauded for his diligent work ethic and positive attitude, Network Technician Ben Seay recently received the Acorn Accolade Technology Award of Excellence.

“It’s a good feeling to have a colleague value your actions enough to submit a nomination,” Seay said of the honor. “It’s reassuring to know that your efforts are noticed.”

The award, presented by the Office of Information Technology (IT), recognizes IT staff who go above and beyond to offer exceptional customer service, support campus-wide initiatives and make other noteworthy contributions that positively impact the Elon community. Individuals must be nominated for consideration.

Seay joined IT nearly five years ago. In his role, he helps to maintain network internet connectivity throughout campus by ensuring problems are fixed promptly and to the satisfaction of all users.

“His work ethic and positive attitude towards co-workers, students, faculty and staff is contagious,” said Rob Readling, Operations Manager/Network Engineer.” Ben always treats others with respect and courtesy.”

Often eager to assist colleagues, Seay has devoted time after-hours for service support or to simply help move a project along, according to Associate Director of Infrastructure Joel Bowman. Furthermore, he said, Seay’s expertise with Cisco products during an update of wireless access points on campus was essential to the success of the project and made him a go-to expert for colleagues.

“Ben has been instrumental with our continued efforts to upgrade and improve network services,” Bowman said. “His experience with network configurations and hardware gives way to timely fixes and he is always available to lend a hand.”

In addition, Seay’s sense of humor and quick wit make him a great person to work with, said Telecommunications Technician Tom Hall.

“He makes everyone he works with feel comfortable,” Hall said. “When he is talking with anyone who is experiencing a problem, he makes them feel as if they are the only customer he has. He goes to great lengths to make each caller feel as though they are truly special.”

In the year to come, Seay looks forward to professional growth through training and additional certifications, while also contributing to various technology advancements on campus.