Campus Recreation and Wellness offering virtual group exercise classes

Campus Recreation and Wellness will offer a series of online group exercise classes to help people stay physically fit and mentally well during this period of social distancing.

Campus Recreation and Wellness has introduced a new way for the Elon community to stay active and connected, as we continue to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Monday, April 6, the department launched a series of daily virtual workout classes led by Campus Recreation and Wellness student instructors. Each class will be streamed live, Monday through Friday, on the department’s fitness Instagram account, @elon_fitness.

The first class was a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) course that included a variety of exercises meant to raise and lower the heart rate to help participants burn more calories following the workout. Monday’s course was just the beginning of an effort to help Elon students, faculty and staff find new routines during this time away from campus.

“We set days and times that we’re going to go forward with for the rest of the semester,” Buehler said. “It’s a way to keep the normalcy somewhat alive.”

Campus Recreation and Wellness will continue its daily virtual classes with the following schedule:

  • Monday at 10 a.m. – HIIT
  • Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. – Zumba
  • Wednesday at 10 a.m. – Yoga
  • Thursday at 4:30 p.m. – Total Body
  • Friday at 10 a.m.  – Pilates

“They’re not only going to get their heart pumping, but just seeing the vibrancy of exercising outside I think is going to be really important to people’s overall mental health as they work on their physical health,” Buehler said.

A focus on mental wellness was one of the driving forces behind this initiative, says Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness Larry Mellinger. The virtual workouts tie into Elon’s Act-Belong-Commit framework, which aims to build and inspire a culture of health on Elon’s campus. While the department works to promote these values year-round, Mellinger says the focus has become even more important now, as members of the Elon community search for ways to stay connected to campus.

“This is about physical activity and well-being, but it’s just as much about us coming together as a community,” Mellinger said. “Because the fact is there are so many free online resources out there that people can really go anywhere to get a workout, but for us, we felt compelled to do something right now to bring Elon students, faculty and staff together and just remember that no matter where we are in the world, we’re part of this community together.”

And while all Campus Recreation and Wellness facilities will be closed for the semester, the department has developed a website of online resources to help the community stay active during this period of social distancing.

For more information about health and wellness at Elon, visit the Campus Recreation and Wellness webpage.