This is us

A look at the effects of the pandemic in the United States through the lens of Elon Alumni photographers.

Empty streets. Masked first responders. Protests on the state capital. These are some of the images Elon alumni photographing the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic have captured as part of their work.

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Al Drago ’15 and Caroline Brehman ’18 are covering the news in Washington, D.C., adapting to social distancing and other precautions to prevent the spread of the disease while thinking creatively about how to produce storytelling images. In North Carolina, Scott Muthersbaugh ’06 and John West G’12 are not traveling for they are photographing the responses they see in their own communities. Oly Zayac ’17 is also documenting the changes around her. Based in New York City, she’s covered stories worldwide, highlighting topics like cultural tourism and environmental issues.

“I watched New York drastically change almost overnight, and I quickly realized that the stories I used to chase all around the world were now at my own front door,” she says. “Photography was the only way I knew how to share our story.”