Student Ambassadors: JD Grant ’23 and Pearl Sullivan ’21 share videos and tips for healthy student living

Two student ambassadors for the Healthy Elon Commitment are sharing their creative videos to keep students safe.

This is the next in a series of posts highlighting the efforts of student ambassadors for the Healthy Elon Commitment, which is part of the university’s Ready & Resilient plan.

Sharing healthy tips and messages with their peers on staying safe during the pandemic, JD Grant ’23 and Pearl Sullivan ’21 created videos shared across social media to give important advice and guidance to fellow Phoenix during the Fall 2020 semester. These student-led efforts contribute to the ongoing Ready & Resilient initiative supporting a safer and healthier campus.

JD Grant ’23 is a sophomore majoring in economics and cinema & television arts.  His campus leadership and involvement includes being an athlete with the men’s club basketball team, a mentor for the Phoenix Leaders program, producer for Elon Phoenix Weekly, director for Elon Afterhours, and discussion leader for Barefoot Dialogues through the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life.

Check out Grant’s catchy video where he takes you through a day-in-the-life of a student throughout their living space. He highlights how he keeps himself safe through mask-wearing, locating hand sanitizers on campus, and setting up a quick hand-washing station within your living space. Included in Grant’s important advice in this video:

  • “I want to make sure we’re on-campus for the entire semester.”
  • “Always wear a mask before you leave your living area.  So, I’m going to mask up before going to class.”
  • “As you go about your day, touching door handles and that sort of thing, don’t touch your face.  If you do need to touch your face, use hand sanitizer.”
  • “I’ve set out up some hand soap right by the sink, next to the front door, so I can wash my hands before I go touch anything else in the living space.”

Pearl Sullivan ’21 is a senior majoring in Spanish and international & global studies with a triple-minor in economics, political science, and Latin American studies.  A study abroad participant in Argentina, Pearl’s campus leadership includes being an Elon College Fellow, apartment manager in residence life, and member of both Model UN and an athlete with the women’s club frisbee team.

Check out her video which provides a more personal, one-on-one feel as she shares important advice for students regarding staying healthy during the pandemic.  Included in Pearl’s important advice in this video:

  • “I’m wearing my mask.  It’s not even a discussion. Just wear your mask.”
  • “Be intentional with yourself and with others. Give yourself time to process what’s going on.”
  • “Give yourself grace that you might not be able to do as much as you normally would. Extend that grace to your friends, to your roommates, and to the people you meet on campus.”
  • “This is a tough and scary time, and it’s important that we do our best to keep each other as safe as possible.”

Student ambassadors like JD Grant and Pearl Sullivan are creating videos to share their ideas and practices around staying safe.

Are you a student wanting to create a quick 1-to-2-minute video on ways that you’re staying healthy during the pandemic?  If so, email Matthew Antonio Bosch via so you can become a student ambassador and have your voice and advice be heard.