Take & Make Kits: The start of a new tradition

During this unusual semester, the Maker Hub is helping students pause and embrace creativity.

Without a doubt, the fall semester has been unprecedented. With meaningful changes taking place nearly every day, there is no better time to establish exciting new traditions. The Maker Hub has achieved this goal by offering a unique way for students to create using Take & Make Kits. Each kit supplies students with the materials, tools and instructions to complete a project anywhere.

Maker Hub Consultants Leah Cooper and Emma Goering eagerly took the lead in developing the Take & Make Kit initiative.

“We started it because we wanted people to experience the Maker Hub while staying safe and comfortable during the pandemic,” Cooper said. “The kits allow users to take a break from school and stress, while letting their creative minds take over.”

Senior Instructional Technologist in Teaching and Learning Technologies Dan Reis, who leads Elon’s Maker Hubs, supported the idea and the initiative expanded from there.

Take & Make projects have included fabric coffee sleeves, friendship bracelets, cashmere scrunchies and headbands, kitchen towels, makeup wipes and face coverings. So far, the Maker Hub and campus partners have distributed more than 650 kits. Many students try one project and come back eager to try another.

“I’ve seen a lot of positive responses from these kits,” Cooper said. “They’ve helped students find some happiness and feel a sense of productivity during this uncertain time.”

The same sentiment was echoed by Ellie Cook ’21, who used a Take & Make kit to create reusable makeup wipes.

“I did not think I had the skills necessary to complete this project, but the kit offered clear step-by-step instructions,” Cook said of her experience. “Much to my surprise, I successfully sewed the makeup wipes and boosted my confidence in doing so. I am proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone to try something new. I look forward to creating many more Take & Make Kits in the future.”

Photo of a computer screen during a live web conference
In October, President Connie Book joined Elon students for a virtual Take & Make event to make friendship bracelets.

Since launch, the Maker Hub’s Take & Make Kits have grown in popularity — even catching the attention of President Connie Book. In October, President Book attended a virtual friendship bracelet workshop with Elon students. Goering co-led the event.

“The Take & Make event with President Book was such a neat idea,” Goering said. “She seemed to be interested in the Maker Hub and all of the services that we offer. The Take & Make Kits were created to give students a quick and easy DIY project they can take on the go. For someone as busy as President Book, this is so beneficial.”

To further support students during this unusual semester, the kits also include handouts about counseling services and other support available to students. Campus partners for the Take & Make Kits include Campus Recreation and Wellness, the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (CREDE), Counseling Services and Student Care and Outreach.

Take & Make Kits will be available during Winter Term and spring semester. For more information, visit the Maker Hub website.