Prachi Gala contributes insights into personal finances on MoneyGeek

Assistant Professor of Marketing Prachi Gala draws comparisons between car insurance options and companies in “Expert Advice” series.

Prachi Gala, assistant professor of marketing in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, answered questions from MoneyGeek to assist individuals in understanding the differences in car insurance options and how to compare quotes and rates.

Prachi Gala Assistant Professor of Marketing
Assistant Professor of Marketing Prachi Gala

In “Compare Car Insurance Quotes & Rates for 2021” and “Cheap Liability-Only Car Insurance: Which Companies Have the Cheapest Liability Car Insurance in 2021” on the personal finance website, Gala lists factors responsible for changing the prices of the car insurance by location and points out the difference between liability-only car insurance and full coverage insurance. She draws attention to the price difference, specifying that liability-only car insurance is the cheaper but riskier option.

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