Hwayeon Ryu receives Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Grant

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Hwayeon Ryu has been awarded $7,100 from The Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM) for her project “Mathematical Modeling of COVID-19 Dynamics.”

Hwaeyon Ryu, assistant professor of mathematics

Ryu will work with a group of diverse undergraduate students on research projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic in a yearlong academic engagement program. The group at Elon will work collaboratively with a group of students at Wake Forest University to develop and analyze mathematical models both virtually and in-person. The participating students will also attend regional conferences to present their research work and engage in several outreach programs.

As a part of outreach programs, those students involved in the grant will co-organize the IRIS (Integrating Research in Science) 2022 conference at Wake Forest University which brings together undergraduate researchers from all STEM fields at nearby institutions.