Todd Coleman creates sound design and music for new escape game, ‘The Mogollon Monster’

Coleman, associate professor of music production & recording arts, completed the sound design work and composed a musical score for The Nemesis Club's newest escape game, "The Mogollon Monster."

E.V.I.L. Robots Lab

Associate Professor of Music Todd Coleman created a 60-minute cinematic musical score for the first in a series of new escape game rooms designed by The Nemesis Club, located in Phoenix, Arizona in fall 2020. The soundtrack to that game, “E.V.I.L. Robots,” is available on all streaming platforms.

Over the past few months, Coleman completed the sound design work for The Nemesis Club’s second room, called “The Mogollon Monster.” This game places the players as campers on the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona late at night as they attempt to lure Arizona’s Bigfoot monster into their campsite and snap photographic proof of its existence. Like “E.V.I.L. Robots,” the new escape experience features elements like room environments, props, lighting, sound, and music that are designed to heighten realism and immerse the players in the unfolding drama.

“The Mogollon Monster” sound design testing.

The sound design for “The Mogollon Monster” features eight separate channels of audio, played through speakers hidden throughout the playing space such as up in the trees overhead, behind props like a canoe, an outhouse, a campfire pit, an old RV camper, etc. The sounds include ambient nature noises of wind, rustling leaves in the trees, crickets, owls, coyotes in the distance, nearby campsites, the gentle lapping of water on the shores of a small lake, and the advance of a late summer thunderstorm that heralds the approach of the ‘the monster.’

At different points in the game, the players experience the arrival of the monster in camp while they are in a tent or inside the RV camper through sound effects, lighting and image projection, and shakes and quakes created by moving pneumatic motion platforms.

As the monster approaches for the final climactic sequence of the game, eerie music begins and grows in intensity, changing in synchronization with the actions of the players and the attacking monster, similar to a movie soundtrack or video game music.

“The Mogollon Monster” Soundtrack Album Cover

The soundtrack will be released soon on all major streaming platforms.