FOX 8 ‘In Black and White” series focuses on Cherrel Miller Dyce’s ‘Black Males Matter’ sourcebook

The series by WGHP FOX 8 highlighted the work of Dyce and her coauthors on the book, which is focused on creating school and classroom environments to support the academic and social development of young Black males.

A recent segment in the “In Black and White” series from WGHP FOX 8 featured the work of Professor of Education Cherrel Miller Dyce and her co-authors on “Black Males Matter: A Blueprint for Creating School and Classroom Environments to Support Their Academic and Social Development.”

Dyce, executive director for diversity, equity and inclusion in the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education, penned the book with Julius Davis and Shadonna Gunn to help inform teachers, school leaders and school support staff about how to better engage with Black male students in school environments and more fully support their development.

The goal is to assist educators in reflecting upon their personal experiences and biases as they consider issues around race, Dyce said.

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“We all bring biases to life or to situations,” Dyce said. “And we do have incidents that happen in school that can be perceived and are perceived as issues around race. We can’t deny those. What we have to think about is how do we approach those? How do we have the conversation without blaming each other, without demonizing each other.”

View the entire segment above or at this link.