WFMY report highlights Elon’s global experiences, study abroad ranking

The Dec. 1 report detailed the high demand among students for study abroad experiences as the university prepares for Winter Term, when many students leave campus to study around the globe.

A recent report by CBS affiliate WFMY News 2 highlighted Elon University’s recent #1 national ranking in study abroad as well as the scores of students preparing to participate in global experiences in 2022.

“For this upcoming winter term, we actually ended up having the highest number of applications we’ve ever had in the history of study abroad at Elon,” Nick Gozik, dean of global education, told reporter Stacey Spivey with WFMY.

Gozik explained that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to produce challenges for study abroad but that Elon is supporting its students abroad as they comply with health and safety guidelines.

“Every single day we think about COVID. We’re monitoring situations in all the countries where we send students,” Gozik said.

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The report also included an interview with Elon junior Carson Davis-Tinnell ’23, who is studying in London this semester. “I think at first I was like this is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but now looking back, I have like 23 days left or something like that and I don’t want to leave,” Davis-Tinnell said.

Watch the entire report here.