Elon BFA Dance Performance and Choreography senior class to debut ‘Place Address Here’

The senior thesis concert features original choreography and production by the BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography seniors and highlights the unique artistry of the 14 members of the class.

The Elon University BFA Dance Performance and Choreography Class of 2022 invites audiences to the debut of the senior thesis concert, “Place Address Here.”

The 14 members of the class will share their individual explorations and depictions of the idea of “home” through their choreographic dance works at performances on Friday, April 1, and Saturday, April 2. Both performances will take place at 6:30 p.m. in Roberts Studio Theatre in Arts West at 398 W. Haggard Ave.

“Place Address Here” explores the idea of “home” as it reflects both initial roots and continuous growth as individuals within their collective team of women. The concert conceptually reflects on the idea that home is composed of both material and abstract elements that can create a range of responses depending on the individual. These elements can create a comforting thought, triggering idea or a combination of responses. These members of the senior class feel that this malleable notion displays the vastness of who they are and where they come from.

The idea for the concert came from the reality that the personal stories and depictions of the idea of home are different for each of these students, although they have intersected during the past four years as they have called Elon their home. “This concert culminates and celebrates our work over the last four years at “home” together at Elon,” Katie Lorber ’22 says. “I am so excited to share the stage one last time with my Elon dance family.”

Each artist in the program’s senior class has found different ways to approach the concept of “home” in the 10 individual concert dances, choreographed both by individuals and choreographic teams. Of the pieces in the concert, two explore home as a person, three as a place, and four as an idea. The concert also includes a full cast dance as a finale, with a total run time of approximately an hour.

The works exploring home as a person are described as supportive and unconditional, while those exploring home as a place are described as, bittersweet, interconnected, and cyclical. The works exploring home as an idea are described as grimy, individualized, stylized, and direct.

Learn more about the concert and the members of the senior class who will be performing on Instagram.