Elon community to celebrate Passover with festive seder meal

The Jewish Life seder will be be dedicated to the people of Ukraine, and will also be a celebration of our own gratitude for planet Earth

This year, the Jewish holiday of Passover (Pesach), the springtime holiday that celebrates liberation from slavery, begins on April 15 at sunset, and continues for a week.

Pesach commemorates the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt, and it is truly a celebration of freedom for all people from bondage.

The Elon community is celebrating this holiday together with a special ceremonial meal – the incredible and innovative seder, which this year will be held on the second night of Passover on Saturday April 16, at 5:30 pm at the Elon Community Church.

The entire community is invited to join us for the occasion, and encouraged to bring family and friends – please register here if you plan to attend.

The annual Passover seder is a festive and carefully choreographed meal, in which the haggadah (the story of the exodus from Egypt) is recited, and participants ask questions about the meaning of freedom and the nature of the world.

Symbolic foods are laid on the table, the most important of which is the matza, the unleavened, cracker-like “bread of affliction.” During Passover, it is forbidden to eat leavened food products called hametz (such as bread and pasta), as according to Jewish tradition. When the Israelites were fleeing Egypt, they did not have enough time to wait for bread to rise.

Every year on Passover, it is traditional to ask, “why is this night different from all other nights?” This year, our seder will be dedicated to the people of Ukraine, with sunflowers on every table, special readings and a theme of Roots. This Roots seder will also be a celebration of our own gratitude for planet Earth, as this year Pesach coincides with Earth Day.

Delicious kosher-style Passover-friendly meals will be available in the Lakeside dining hall throughout the week, and we invite you to taste traditional matza ball soup, or even matza (reminiscent of a dry cracker) if you choose. Strictly kosher for Passover offerings can be found at the Fountain Market (Star K Kosher certification).

To all who celebrate, the Jewish Life team wished you a Chag Sameach (or happy holiday). May we all value the freedoms we enjoy, and hope for greater freedom for all.