Chandler Family Professional Sales Center celebrates student achievement

During the Sales Leadership Dinner, top professional sales students were honored and Jack St. Pierre '22 received the Earl D. Honeycutt Jr. Sales Leadership Award.

Marketing major Jack St. Pierre ’22 received the Earl D. Honeycutt Jr. Sales Leadership Award during the 2022 Elon Sales Leadership Dinner.

Jack St. Pierre holding a plaque, standing next to Earl Honeycutt and wife.
Jack St. Pierre ’22, recipient of the Earl D. Honeycutt Jr. Sales Leadership Award, with Professor Emeritus Earl Honeycutt and Laura Honeycutt.

Hosted by the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center, the dinner honored top professional sales seniors and celebrated Elon’s sales program.

The Sales Leadership Award recognizes a senior majoring in marketing or minoring in professional sales who’s shown leadership in the sales program, has the potential of positively impacting their future organization, and demonstrated an overall positive attitude in supporting their fellow sales students.

Raghu Tadepalli, dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business and director of the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center, and Professor Emeritus Earl Honeycutt, founding director of the Chandler Family Center, presented the award to St. Pierre, noting his leadership and adaptability over the past two years when dealing with sales competitions being canceled or shifting to a virtual format. During his two years on the Elon Sales Team, St. Pierre competed in the National Collegiate Sales Competition, Selling with the Bulls and International Collegiate Sales Competition, and served as a student coach to his team members.

Tadepalli said St. Pierre is “a fierce competitor, a team player who took upon the responsibility of leading and helping others, is also a proven winner who always looked ahead and learned from prior performances.”

After graduating from Elon, St. Pierre will join AT&T Business’ B2B Sales Development Program.

Endowed in 2008 by Thomas E. Chandler, owner of Chandler Concrete Company, and his family, the Chandler Family Center promotes professional selling and sales management, provides high-quality instruction to both students and sales executives, and conducts research that advances the field of sales. The program’s strong sales curriculum and experiential learning component earned it the distinction as a “top university sales program” by the Sales Education Foundation.