TLT staff present at Educause ELI annual meeting

Dhvani Toprani and Kate Moss presented on the importance of integrating technology at the annual Educause ELI conference in San Diego, California.

Dhvani Toprani and Kate Moss, instructional technologists from Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) presented a poster titled, “Integrating Technology for creating flexible learning environments beyond the pandemic” at Educause Learning Initiative Annual Meeting on June 9 in San Diego, California.

The poster presentation focused on bringing together three unique case studies from design, nursing and education to discuss the importance of continuing hybrid forms of teaching and learning experiences for learners.

With the help of Director of Design Thinking Danielle Lake and Director of Clinical Education Jeanmarie Koonts from Elon University, along with Marcela Borge from Pennsylvania State University, Toprani and Moss analyzed technology-supported authentic learning experiences that included classrooms and conferences. The overarching theme that emerged from their case studies was technology’s ability to bring diversity to the learning environment. Using simple tools like Zoom and learning management systems, along with thoughtful course designing, facilitators could accomplish complex learning goals with in-person and remote learners giving themselves and their learners the flexibility to manage uncertainties of life.

Toprani and Moss emphasized that Educause gave them the opportunity to build community and hear perspectives from other educators about fostering hybrid learning spaces using technology.

“When we were at Educause we were surrounded with products designed to support hybrid teaching and learning, making the process easier for learners and facilitators,” Toprani said. “This experience makes me feel that our work is very timely.”

“Our presentation sparked lots of conversation amongst our colleagues as we continued to examine the future of learning with intention and purposeful design. With the help of our faculty participants, we were able to show fellow technologists what technology-infused learning could look like post-pandemic,” Moss said.

In future, Toprani and Moss hope to continue documenting the learner and facilitator need in this rapidly changing teaching and learning environment and design technological solutions to best support their needs.