Veda Skog ’24 brings harmony to Limelight Records

Skog was elected president of Limelight Records after two years of dedication to the organization.

Veda Skog ‘24 grew up going to concerts almost every weekend. With a sense of freedom and unbridled joy at every concert, her infectious energy spread to everyone around her.

Music was always an important part of Skog’s journey but she struggled with finding the professional path she wanted to take. Skog, an Odyssey Scholar, came to Elon as an international and global studies major. She desired to make a difference in the world through foreign relations but quickly realized that her passions led back to music.

“The hurdle of having a passion for music was answering the questions of how do I do music and what job would I even be going for,” Skog said. It seems that Skog has found the answers to those questions as she is now president of Limelight Records, Elon University’s sole record label for up-and-coming student musicians.

She got involved with Limelight Records during her first year. But Skog did not want to pursue a music production and recording arts degree at Elon, thinking that Limelight Records would be the outlet for her musical passions.

A COM 1000 course with Tom Nelson, an associate professor of journalism, caused her to venture into the field of communications. Early in her sophomore year, she declared a strategic communications and an outdoor learning and education double major while increasing her involvement in Limelight Records.

Veda Skog ’24 begins her time as president of Limelight Records.

Skog’s journey at Limelight Records started when she worked as a manager for a signed artist, Rachel Coughlin, taking headshots to grow Coughlin’s Spotify platform and assisting in any way possible.

In her sophomore year, she was vice president of marketing. She asked to shadow Andrew High, the previous president of Limelight Records, in preparation for her later candidacy. Her shadowing led to a promotion to executive vice president.

Working in a leadership role, Skog was able to oversee the operations of the organization, channel her creativity and observe areas for future progress.

Eliza Spear ‘22 serves as a significant inspiration for Skog in her musical abilities, perseverance and dedication to a career in the music industry. Spear is a recipient of an American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Award and is graduated with a major in music and a minor in communications.

She witnessed Skog’s success as a signed Limelight artist and is confident in the growth she will bring to Limelight Records.

“Veda is one of those people that you meet and just know is going to be successful,” Spear said. “She’s absolutely magnetic in everything she does, and Limelight is in the best of hands moving forward. Veda’s leadership, creativity and comfort will take Limelight to new heights.”

She aims to make Limelight Records more community focused and will pull from experiences and lessons learned in Elon Outdoors, the Odyssey Program and the Leadership Fellows program.

“I want to continue to foster, grow and sustain this community as I have done for the past two years,” Skog said. “My experience at Limelight constantly excites me and motivates me to do the work needed to help Limelight be successful.”

Through more live events and community partnerships, Skog plans to counteract the lack of music awareness on campus. She urges students to find needs that aren’t being fulfilled and follow their passions to see what good can lead to.

“If there’s not a space for you, make a space for yourself,” Skog said. “Don’t be afraid to meet other people. That’s where you’re going to make your friends. Be comfortable in the uncomfortable.”