Vanessa Bravo publishes book chapter examining public relations in Latin America

The associate professor of strategic communications wrote the opening chapter of “The Routledge Companion to Public Relations,” co-edited by professors from the University of Oregon, Quinnipiac University and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Vanessa Bravo, associate professor and chair of the Department of Strategic Communications, penned the first chapter of a new peer-reviewed, co-edited book, titled “The Routledge Companion to Public Relations,” published by Routledge.

Vanessa Bravo

Titled “Toward better global thinking through Latin America’s understanding of public relations,” Bravo’s chapter discusses how the public relations body of knowledge often overlooks Latin American perspectives. Reasons include, Bravo argues, colonialist legacies in the field, lack of easy access to academic sources in or about Latin America, and Western ethnocentrism. Her chapter focuses on the Global South context for public relations practice and research, emphasizing the need to think globally.

The new book, according to the publisher’s description, is an “expertly curated collection that explores the dynamic growth in thinking about public relations’ role in our changing global society, now and into the future. It reflects the challenges and perspectives of postcolonial, postmodern, feminist, critical race theory, social responsibility, sustainability, activist standpoints, as well as the profound and unpredictable impact of technological change and social media. Each chapter provides an overview of current knowledge and its roots, while engaging with emerging new directions and old debates – and advocates for where the research agenda is likely to advance in the future.”

The new book, which officially goes on sale on Oct. 31, was co-edited by Donnalyn Pompper of the University of Oregon, Katie R. Place of Quinnipiac University, and C. Kay Weaver of the University of Colorado, Boulder.