Alumni Spotlight: Noelle Filippone ‘19 credits Elon for her continued growth

Filippone was featured on a virtual panel hosted by the Women of Elon Entertainment Empire on Social Media Marketing on Saturday, Nov. 5 at noon.

Noelle Filippone ’19 graduated from Elon as an acting and psychology double major. She has landed in Los Angeles where she trains at Lesly Kahn & Company and is a working actor, appearing on “The Goldbergs” and “The Lincoln Lawyer.”

She can also be seen in commercials from Dunkin’ Donuts and Logitech, the latter premiered this summer. For the Logitech campaign, she was flown out to Poland to film a two-day shoot that lasted about 12 to 14 hours each day.

“It was especially cool because I was the only actor,” says Filippone, “So, I got to have dinners with the producers, director, and the client, and really get to know them as people.” She says that it was one of the most memorable projects she’s gotten a chance to work on.

Not only is Filippone a working actor but she also started her own small business selling necklaces. Good Pearl Club is something Filippone says she “created on a whim.” Making necklaces as a quarantine hobby, people started asking to buy them from her. Then while working at her bartending job, a celebrity stylist asked to use one of her necklace designs as a piece for one of his clients. Realizing the opportunity at hand, Filippone quickly had a product shoot, made a website and within thirty minutes of posting, sold her first necklace.

“It was the craziest most random thing I’ve ever done,” says Filippone, “I woke up the next morning thinking to myself, ‘Oh my god — I just accidentally launched a small business.’”

With being out of college for almost four years now, Filippone reflects on the transition from leaving Elon and going out into the world. Having a rigorous course load and schedule “really afforded me the skill set to be able to manage my time and create that structure and routine for myself post-graduation,” she says.

One of Filippone’s biggest takeaways from her time spent at Elon is that learning is a never-ending process and to always reach for more. She emphasizes that her acting coaches always highlight the importance of taking classes. Quickly after moving to Los Angeles, Filippone started attending acting classes and is incredibly thankful that she did. “LeBron James doesn’t get good or stay in shape without training and going to the gym,” she says. “Class is our gym.”

Filippone participated in a virtual panel hosted by the Women of Elon Entertainment Empire on Social Media Marketing. The panel was held on Saturday, Nov. 5.