Elon Sales Team places in top 20 at International Collegiate Sales Competition

Elon finished 18th in the Florida State University professional selling competition.

The Elon Sales Team placed 18th out of 80 teams in the 2022 International Collegiate Sales Competition hosted by Florida State University.

Group photo of Elon Sales Team members Cassidy Perkins ’23, Macklin Williams ’24, Joseph Byrd ’23, Bennet Flynn ’23, Grace Bennett ’23 and Adam Craft ’23
Elon Sales Team members Cassidy Perkins ’23, Macklin Williams ’24, Joseph Byrd ’23, Bennet Flynn ’23, Grace Bennett ’23 and Adam Craft ’23 at the International Collegiate Sales Competition.

The competition tested students’ business revenue-generating skills through a sales management case event, role-play event and speed-selling event.

In the sales management case event, Cassidy Perkins ’23 and Macklin Williams ’24 worked as a team to present a realistic, effective solution to the sales operations challenge presented by Gartner. The students were evaluated on their analysis, recommendations and presentation.

“This competition was a terrific learning experience because I was able to build my networking, sales and problem-solving skills,” said Perkins, a marketing major from New Hampshire. “I really appreciated the challenge of having 24 hours to create a presentation that we then presented to industry leaders solving a real-world problem.”

For the role play, Joseph Byrd ’23 and Bennet Flynn ’23 individually represented DLL Floor Planning during needs identification sales meetings with Galati Yachts. They were evaluated on the meeting opening, needs identification, presentation, overcoming objections, gains commitment, professional communication, and credibility/trustworthiness.

During the speed-selling event, Grace Bennett ’23 and Adam Craft ’23 each delivered 90-second elevator pitches to four companies. The pitches included an introduction, what they learned about the companies, and what skills and knowledge they have that would bring value to the companies. Company representatives judged the students on pitch content and delivery.

“We are really proud of our team as the students consistently demonstrated the values of hard work and integrity in preparation for and during the competition,” said Chris Nelson, assistant professor of marketing and sales team coach. “They consistently worked to help and uplift each other. They represented Elon well both in the competitive events and also by acting in a dignified manner during the entire five-day event.”

“At ICSC, I witnessed the team go above and beyond to support, coach and rally each other on to the finish,” said Byrd, a marketing and finance double major from North Carolina.

Lecturer in Marketing Rob Elbitar; alumni Ashley Pippin ’93, Skyler De Groot ’19, Florentin Kunz ’21, and Jack St. Pierre ’22; and former sales competitor Claudia Flint ’23 also helped prepare the team for this competition.