Inside Higher Ed highlights living learning communities at Elon

The article published by the higher education media outlet offered "10 memorable themes for colleges to consider," including one from Elon.

Inside Higher Ed recently featured the Polyglot Floor at Elon University in an article highlighting how colleges and universities are combining living and learning in new ways.

Elon in the News graphic INside Higher Ed headlineThe article by reporter Ashley Mowreader explored the variety of topics that are the basis for living-learning communities at colleges and universities around the country, with the list offering “10 memorable themes for colleges to consider.”

“Those types of programs are really important for students but also essential collaborators” for university partners,” Kathy Bush-Hobgood, vice president of the Association of College and University Housing Officers, told Inside Higher Ed.

The article lifts up the Polyglot Floor, which is located in the Global Neighborhood, with faculty advisors Kristin Lange and Ricky Mendoza from the Department of World Languages and Cultures. From the article:

On this floor, students greet everyone a little differently, in their own chosen tongue.

Elon University hosts the Polyglot or World Languages Floor as a community for students to explore languages besides English that are taught at Elon: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin and Spanish.

To be eligible to join a polyglot cohort, a student must have completed a full year of language learning in high school or be enrolled in a language course at Elon.

Most residents study French, Spanish or Italian, and half of the rooms are dedicated to first-year students.

As noted in its syllabus for the current academic year, “The Polyglot Floor is one tree with many branches. It is a home for students who want to improve their linguistic skills in a specific language while also learning about cultural diversity in general, helping them become better global citizens.

The Polyglot Floor is just one of the wide range of offerings for students interested in exploring living-learning communities, with students working together and with the guidance of a faculty, staff or peer advisor to share their out-of-class learning experiences and to take responsibility for their shared communities.