Mat Gendle and Amanda Tapler publish essay advocating for the ethical treatment of international students in higher education

The director and associate director of Project Pericles at Elon published this work in Essays in Education.

Director of Project Pericles and Professor of Psychology Mathew Gendle and Associate Director of Project Pericles and Senior Lecturer in Public Health Studies Amanda Tapler have co-authored a peer-reviewed article appearing in the most recent issue of “Essays in Education.”

In this work, entitled “International undergraduates are not a resource for neocolonial exploitation,” the authors discuss ways in which international students are both intentionally and unintentionally exploited by colleges and universities to meet diversity targets, increase rankings, and/or generate new revenue streams.

The authors also provide an overview of several institutional best practices regarding the recruitment, admission and retention of international students that they assert must be employed to assist in dismantling widespread neocolonialist frameworks within higher education. Such frameworks undergird policies that utilize international students as an extracted resource to facilitate the financial and reputational enhancement of entrenched institutions. The authors assert that utilizing admission and retention policies that are based on mutually beneficial outcomes will diversify U.S. institutions, while also incentivizing the return of benefits derived from this education back to the international students’ home communities.

The full text of this article is available here.

The full citation for this article is: Gendle, M. H., & Tapler, A. (2023). International undergraduates are not a resource for neocolonial exploitation. Essays in Education, 29(1), Article 5.