Winners of the 2023 Multimodal Writing Contest celebrated at award ceremony

Students representing all schools celebrated at the 2022 Center for Writing Excellence Multimodal Writing Competition.

The Center for Writing Excellence is delighted to announce the winners of its fourth annual Multimodal Writing Competition. Stemming from Elon’s Writing Excellence Initiative, the competition highlights established and emerging kinds of multimodal texts and celebrates the variety of multimodal writing happening across our campus in academic, co-curricular and professional spaces.

Individuals and groups of students were invited to submit projects such as posters, webtexts, podcasts, infographics, interactive media, journalism and other forms of multimodal composition. Projects were submitted in one of nine categories: the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Communication, the School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Health Sciences, the School of Law, the CORE curriculum, Student Life or Campus Employment, Internships.

Olivia Beth Archer
Olivia Beth Archer

The winners and runners-up were recently acknowledged at an award ceremony on March 2, 2023, in the Center for Writing Excellence in Belk Library. Individual winners and runners-up received gift cards.

The grand prize winner is Olivia Beth Archer in the School of Communications for her animation titled “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.”

Kai Mitchchell and Greg Seelagy
Kai Mitchell and Greg Seelagy

In the School of Arts and Sciences category, the winners are Kai Mitchell, Greg Seelagy, and Kai Whiteside for their music video with original music and lyrics titled “This is Not a Suicide Note.”

The runner-up is Jalen Blue for a history timeline titled, “The Necessity of Violence in the Fight for Equality.” Mitchell, Seelagy and Whiteside completed their project in Paula Rosinki’s PWR 3120 Multimedia and Visual Rhetorics course. Blue completed their project in Amanda Kleintop’s HST 3570 American Civil War course.

Caroline DiFrango
Caroline DiFrango

In the School of Communication category, the winner is Olivia Beth Archer for their animation titled “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” and the runner-up is Caroline DiFrango for a literary magazine design titled “Multitudes.”

Archer completed their project in Philip Motley’s iMedia 6650 Visual Aesthetics course; and DiFrango completed their project in Ben Hannam’s CDE 4580 Design Strategies and Solutions course.

Julia Strouse
Julia Strouse

In the School of Education category, the winner is Julia Strouse for an advocacy brief titled “Universal Pre-K in Baltimore City, Maryland.” Strouse completed their project in Heidi Hollingsworth’s EDU 4670 Early Childhood Education Policy and Advocacy course.

In the School of Business category, the winners are Lucy Verdone, Claudia Flint and Gianna Rella for a PowerPoint slideshow titled “Holidaze Co, Beer Company,” and the runners-up are Joseph Byrd, Zillian Moe, and Madison McCart for a PowerPoint slideshow titled “Hunting’s Financial Synopsis.”

Lucy Verdone, Claudia Flint, Gianna Rella
Claudia Flint, left, and Lucy Verdone

Verdone, Flint and Rella completed their project for Global Marketing while studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, with the cIEE program. Byrd, Moe and McCart completed their project in Professor Chase Reid’s FIN 4190 Financial Planning course.

In the School of Health Sciences category, the winner is Alexander Japit for video and PowerPoint titled “Medical Qigong and Polyvagal Theory,” and the runner-up is Emily Morenz for an infographic titled “Therapeutic Plasma Exchange.” Alexander completed their project in the DPT 6040 Human Anatomy course.

Alexander Japit
Alexander Japit

Emily’s project is an infographic titled “Therapeutic Plasma Exchange.” In the School of Law category, the winner is Nina Palamaris for a PowerPoint slideshow titled “Protecting Children From Evolving Online Threats,” and the runner-up is Morgan Earp for an informational website titled “North Carolina Juvenile Justice.” Nina Palamaris completed their project in David Levine’s Law 7470 Internet Law course. Morgan completed their project in the Law 7550 Law Capstone Leadership Project course.

The Center for Writing Excellence again offers its congratulations to each student recipient and thanks to Sarah Moore ’26 for photographing the event.