Love School of Business team represents Elon at national competition

Four students and a recent graduate of Elon University traveled to the 2023 National Collegiate Sales Competition hosted by Kennesaw State University.

A team of four Elon University students finished in the top half of competition this March in a prestigious national contest.

Cassidy Perkins ’23, Macklin Williams ’24, Joseph Byrd ’23, and Emma Bartoo ’23 placed 25th overall in the National Collegiate Sales Competition hosted in Georgia by Kennesaw State University.

The team was coached by Rob Elbitar, a lecturer in marketing in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business who teaches marketing and sales. Claudia Flint ’23, who recently completed a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a focus in sales, assisted the team. The group was accompanied at the event by program coordinator Kim Phipps.

The annual competition, among the oldest of its kind in the nation, affords students the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges and pursue career opportunities with top professional organizations by competing against the best sales students in the nation and being judged by industry leaders.

The team trained for three weeks by conducting market research, preparing for objections, and developing an understanding of specific verticals.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend NCSC because I was able to meet with terrific companies and now have multiple interviews for potential full-time sales positions,” said Perkins, who led the Elon delegation by placing 22nd overall in individual competition among 136 competitors. “The ability to compete in the sales role-play against peers from all over the nation and gain insightful feedback from sales coaches and industry professionals is invaluable.

“It was amazing to be able to apply what I learned in my Professional Sales course, and experience real-world sales challenges.”

Elbitar praised the students for their work ethic and determination and for representing Elon University with pride and professionalism.

“We were able to meet sponsors, generate a buzz around Elon, secure some interviews, uncover opportunities for the Women in Sales organization, and explore future alliances with other universities, particularly starting a discussion around teaming up with colleges in North Carolina to further sharpen and advance our students’ sales skills and performance opportunities,” Elbitar said. “I am so proud of them and their performance.”

Competitor Reflections

  • “NCSC was a wonderful experience. I was able to connect with my Elon peers on a deeper level and learn more about the sales industry. It was a privilege to represent Elon at this prestigious event.” – Macklin Williams ’24
  • “NCSC provides an unbelievable crash course in sales. Specifically, that sales are serving. Putting the person in front of you first by using your two ears effectively to understand exactly what they do or don’t need. These skills are invaluable in the field of sales and beyond!” – Joseph “Joe” Byrd ’23
  • “While I’ve taken numerous sales classes at Elon and have even had multiple sales jobs/internships, this was a completely new experience for me. I am amazed that there is this whole world of collegiate sales competitions and after one of the best weekends of my four years at Elon, my top piece of advice to my younger self would be to get involved in the Sales Team early. They are not only a group of amazing individuals but also a group that quickly becomes your family and can help you develop both personally and professionally like you would never imagine!” – Emma Bartoo ’23