Kernodle Center hosts Alamance County Special Olympics Spring Games

Hosted at the Jerry and Jeanne Robertson Track Complex, Thursday's Spring Games were the first since 2019.

The Kernodle Center for Civic Life partnered with Special Olympics Alamance County to host the first Spring Games since 2019 at the Jerry and Jeanne Robertson Track and Field Complex on Thursday, April 6.

Over 330 athletes from Alamance County participated in two main events of a track run and a softball throw and a trial run of a long jump event. Due to COVID, this is the first event in three years and it has been

“This is something the athletes look forward to for a long time and the fact that it hasn’t happened, there’s a lot of athletes that this will be their first time here. Seeing their excitement and getting to see their friends and get cheered on makes this a really remarkable event,” said Andrew Moffa, assistant director of the Kernodle Center for Civic Life.

Madi Gilgo ’23 serves as the executive director of leadership and development for the Kernodle Center overseeing 70 student leaders, dozens of them as volunteering for the Spring Games event. Gilgo said the Special Olympics hold a special place in her heart.

“This is a fun day, not only for our athletes but for our volunteers and our families and the schools. It’s a reminder that everyone should be treated fairly and that everyone is capable of anything they put their mind to,” Gilgo said. “There’s a lot of tough things going on in the world right now but we can have this pocket of happiness here today.”