The Elon World Percussion Ensemble shares love of drumming at Global Neighborhood Spring Festival

Students thrill audience at the 2023 Spring Festival in the Global Neighborhood.

Spring 2023 Elon World Percussion Ensemble.

The World Percussion Ensemble at culminated the spring semester with a rousing drum performance at the Global Neighborhood for their 2023 Spring Festival. The drumming ensemble routinely performs rhythms from West Africa and the African Diaspora.

Members of the 2023 Elon World Percussion Ensemble inlcude: Cody Ciesilski, Victoria Setter, Asia Green, Carson Hirsch, Charlotte Kelly, Joey Krucke, Jacob Laxton, Wium Roets, and Rachel Simmons.

The ensemble combines experiential education with fun.

This concert presented rhythms Fe, Balakulandjan, Kuku as taught by grandmaster djembefola, Mamady Keita. A non-traditional rhythm, Fo Fo was played while the audience participated with dancing and clapping to close the show.

The Elon World Percussion is open to everyone both students and faculty, regardless of experience.

Spring 2023 Elon World Percussion Ensemble.

To join for the Fall of 2023, simply sign up for MUS1081A. No audition required, just the love of music or drumming. The group meetings on Thursdays, 5:30 to 7:10 p.m. and the class is worth 1 semester hour with expression credits. The ensemble is under the direction of founder and adjunct professor Jim Roberts and has been in existence since 2009.