Bo Dalrymple ’25 and Nicholas Rugbart ’25 awarded Boren Undergraduate Scholarship

Dalrymple and Rugbart will both spend six months studying in Taiwan with the support of this $25,000 scholarship, which also guarantees them jobs with the federal government following graduation.

Elon University sophomores Bo Dalrymple and Nicholas Rugbart have been awarded the Boren Undergraduate Scholarship.

Boren Scholarships, funded by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), provide U.S. undergraduate students with up to $25,000 to study abroad in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. security interests and are underrepresented in study abroad. Applicants must identify how their study abroad programs or overseas projects, as well as their future academic and career goals, will contribute to U.S. national security. Recipients of the Scholarship must also commit to working in the federal government for a minimum of one year following graduation.

Both Dalrymple and Rugbart will use the scholarship to fund six months of study in Taipei, Taiwan at National Taiwan Normal University beginning in February 2024. During their spring semesters, they will enroll in intensive Mandarin-Chinese language courses, as well as electives focused on cross-strait relations and national/international security. The scholarship will also support their stay in Taiwan into the summer as they complete internships.

Bo Dalrymple ’25

Bo Dalrymple ’25

Dalrymple is an Elon College Fellow with a double major in international & global studies (Asia concentration) and political science. He serves as the Sophomore Class Senator within Student Government Association, the lead co-coordinator for Elon Votes!, and the Beta Theta Pi house manager for Elon Residence Life.

The Boren Scholarship offers Dalrymple the unique opportunity to combine his academic pursuits and future career interests while having an immersive experience in Taiwan. “The Boren Scholarship allows me to study abroad, improve my language and cultural knowledge, and potentially gain an internship in the field of international relations,” says Dalrymple.

He hopes this experience, especially his language instruction and summer internship, will inform his future career goal of working in the fields of international relations, national defense, diplomacy, and foreign policy.

Nicholas Rugbart ’25

Nicholas Rugbart ’25

Rugbart is also an Elon College Fellow with a double major in international & global studies (Asia concentration) and political science. He serves as the president of Elon’s Chinese Club and the vice president of special events for Elon’s Black Student Union.

Like Dalrymple, Rugbart was drawn to the Boren Scholarship for the unique opportunity to study in Taiwan. More than anything, though, the Boren Scholarship will allow him to fulfill his dream of working with the federal government. “The Boren scholarship will help me to achieve my long-term goal of working for the federal government’s intelligence community and becoming fluent in Mandarin. Part of the scholarship entails a mandatory one-year federal service component after graduation which will hopefully be a segue to a long career in public service,” he says.

Dalrymple and Rugbart are the second and third recipients of the Boren Scholarship from Elon. Previously, Omolayo Ojo was awarded the scholarship in 2013 to fund her study in Senegal.

More than joint recipients, though, Dalrymple and Rugbart are good friends and supportive collaborators.

The two Elon College Fellows met early in their college careers and bonded over a shared interest in Chinese language and culture. This shared interest has led them to pursue many similar opportunities, like applying for the Boren Scholarship. Applying for a prestigious scholarship like Boren might drive some students towards competition, but Dalrymple and Rugbart did the opposite: they each became a collaborator and supporter to the other, and are now excited to have this life-changing experience together.

“It means a lot to be recognized alongside Nick for this prestigious award. Although we sent in different applications covering unique essay topics, we closely collaborated throughout the application process,” Dalrymple says. “Nick and I are both passionate about the study of Chinese language and culture, which has brought up together closer as friends. I am extremely excited to accompany Nick to Taiwan and look forward to sharing the incredible experience that comes with this scholarship.”

Rugbart is equally excited to embark on this journey with his friend. “I am so thrilled to share this experience with one of my good friends. The whole process becomes easier now because neither of us has to worry about one of us going while the other stays behind. Before I applied for the Boren, I knew that if I wanted to study abroad, I wanted to go with someone that I know. Having the opportunity to enter this next chapter in my Mandarin-Chinese journey with one of my good friends is truly a blessing,” he says.

To learn more about the Boren Undergraduate Scholarship and other internationally competitive awards, visit the National and International Fellowships website.