Elon celebrates the power of writing during National Day on Writing

Offices and programs across campus and the School of Law host writing-themed events on October 19 and 20.

For several years on or around October 20, Elon University students, faculty and staff have recognized the National Day on Writing, a national celebration of “writing—and the many places, reasons and ways we write each day—as an essential component of literacy” (NCTE, “Why I Write”).

This year the Center for Writing Excellence, as in previous years, sponsored campus-wide events. This year’s events were coordinated by Writing Center Lead Consultant Ava Crawford ’24. Hosts included The Writing Center in the Center for Writing Excellence, the Curriculum Resources Center in the School of Education, Powell House,  Live Oak Communications, and The School of Law.

Flyer advertising National Day on Writing Events

The Writing Center event, “Writing isn’t Scary,” was a combined event for current students and visiting alumni during Homecoming. The School of Law event, “High Rhymes and Misdemeanors.” was judged by Greensboro’s Poet Laureate Josephus Thompson III. More details about the School of Law event are in this Today @ Elon article.

Students attending the events were entered into a drawing to win one of several gift cards. Congratulations to all the winners who joined us on the National Day on Writing to celebrate the power of words!