Jeremy Lazoff ’24 embarks on academic achievement, global exploration thanks to donor generosity

Lazoff has encountered opportunities that align with his future aspirations including his participation in the Business Fellows program and engaging in global study experiences which have all been made possible due to the generous support of donors.

Jeremy Lazoff’s deciding factor to come to Elon from Germantown, Maryland was the Business Fellows program. As a finance major and accounting minor wanting to pursue commercial real estate, the Business Fellows scholarship opened the door for Lazoff to experience opportunities that coincided with his future career goals.

Lazoff with Business Fellows in New York City.

During his first week at Elon, Lazoff found a group of hard-working, like-minded individuals within his cohort whom he can count on for anything even now four years later. He describes the Business Fellows program as being surrounded by over 30 of your friends.

The scholarship Lazoff received is the reason he was able to go to Dubai during his sophomore Winter Term and experience a different part of the world with his Business Fellows cohort. While there, he met with faculty and professionals at the World Exposition which broadened his views on international business.

Lazoff also had the opportunity to go to New York City with the program where he was able to give his resume and cover letters out to top banking firms. He states that the Business Fellows were the first people to be sent on a trip like this because they model the academic excellence that Elon University strives for. Lazoff highlights that he feels he would not be the same person he is today without these experiences.

Other than being a Business Fellow, Lazoff is the president of the Real Estate Club. Through this, Lazoff participates in various competitions that promote professional development for students who strive to pursue a career in the real estate industry so that they have the necessary skills to find employment in the field.

Lazoff during a Hillel event on campus.

Furthermore, Lazoff would have never thought he would be Hillel co-president. When he went to Hillel freshman year, he was overwhelmed by the experience, however, looking back as a senior now he is proud of how he has transformed the organization to what it has become. Hillel is a leading organization on campus that advocates against antisemitism with over 800 students – this would not have been possible without donor funding and support that progresses the organization and its Shabbat services. Lazoff feels that a lot of students don’t recognize how important it is to be educated on different cultures and religions on campus, thus Lazoff has made it his priority to partner with other organizations so they can learn about each other’s values.

Lazoff during a Hillel event on campus.

Lazoff also had the opportunity to study abroad for a second time his junior Winter Term in Japan. He chose Japan because it was somewhere he had always wanted to go and a culture he had always wanted to learn about as well as experience firsthand. He feels that he would have not gotten such a fulfilling opportunity elsewhere – going to Hiroshima will be something that he will always remember. Reflecting on the trip, Lazoff feels he was truly able to step out of his comfort zone by trying new foods and growing as a person through his newfound appreciation for Japanese culture and religion as well as the challenges he dealt with and overcame involving interpreting a language he is unfamiliar with.

Lazoff encourages the future students of Elon to try their hardest in all their classes even if they have no connection to their major or minor because they can provide a new perspective of what direction you want your future to go in. He thanks donors for allowing him to figure out who he really is. Lazoff hopes to get a job right out of college in commercial real estate. He is doing everything in his power to achieve his goals because they are the reason he has been given the opportunity to explore his interests in greater depth.