Winter Term program in China attracts coverage by local media

Media outlets in China highlighted the Winter Term program led by faculty members Lin Zhao and Honglin Xiao and how the program contributed to cross-cultural understanding.

A visit by Elon students to the Chongqing Stilwell Museum as part of a Winter Term program in China attracted the attention of local media, which highlighted the program’s impact on cross-cultural understanding.

Led by Associate Professor of Geography Honglin Xiao and Associate Professor of Finance Lin Zhao, the “China: The Flying Dragon” study abroad program took students to a broad array of locations in the country during its three-week duration. Students prepared for the experience in Fall 2023 before heading to China during Winter Term with a focus on building a stronger understanding of Chinese culture, history, tradition and language.

On Jan. 14, the group visited the Stilwell Museum in the city of Chongqing, which is located in the former residence of Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell, the Allied chief of staff in the China Theater during World War II. The Chongqing International Media Center featured the visit, noting that visits to the country like those by the Elon group benefit relations and understanding between the two countries.

From the article:

Most students said they did not know about General Stilwell before and were deeply impressed by his achievements.

Jake Diadimo, an American student, said, “The story of General Stilwell highlights the brave fighting spirit of the American and Chinese people and the success that both countries have enjoyed due to their close collaboration. In the face of an existential threat, China and the United States utilized the courage and ingenuity of their people and emerged victorious. This is a valuable lesson for the citizens of both of our countries. It was an honor to visit the Joseph Stilwell Museum and learn about this important part of our country’s history. Hopefully, many more Americans and Chinese will have the opportunity to visit the museum and learn about our shared chronicles.”

Elon students participating in the “China: The Flying Dragon” program during their visit to the Chongqing Stilwell Museum. (courtesy of the Chongqing Stilwell Museum)

“China: The Flying Dragon” was one of dozens of Winter Term study abroad and Study USA programs that close to 1,000 Elon students participated in during Winter Term.