Gendle advocates for self-defense strategies for DEI programs in Inside Higher Ed column

In this essay, which was published on Feb. 29, the director of Project Pericles and professor of psychology contends that diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in higher education must prepare effective and proactive self-defense strategies against the multiple forces that wish to see them fail.

Inside Higher Ed has published a column by Mat Gendle, professor of psychology and director of Project Pericles.

Mat Gendle, professor of psychology and director of Project Pericles

Titled “DEI and the necessity of self-defense”, this essay argues that if diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in academia are to survive the current attacks being mounted against them, it will be up to the programs themselves (and their institutional allies) to engage in effective and proactive self-defense.

“There is no superhero coming to save these critical programs”, Gendle writes. “And it seems clear that many institutional presidents face competing pressures that preclude them from acting as truly effective advocates. If we wish to create and advance structures in higher education that are just, equitable and inclusive, it is essential that we meaningfully engage in this critical defensive work ourselves.”

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