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Elon adopts water conservation measures

October 31, 2007

Elon University is taking additional steps to reduce water use in response to the recent drought conditions, and students living both on and off campus are being asked to change some of their daily behaviors to limit water use. Details…

New program helps Elon track records in digital format

October 19, 2007

Elon employees copy thousands of documents each year, from student applications to worker resumes to purchase receipts. All those photocopiers may soon get a lighter workload. The university purchased a program this month that allows millions of documents to be stored in electronic format, a move to both help the environment and increase staff efficiency.

Zipcars debut at Elon

October 5, 2007

Elon University and Zipcar, the world’s largest car sharing service, have partnered to provide Zipcars on campus to university faculty, staff, and students as an environmentally friendly alternative to the costs and hassles of keeping a car on campus. The partnership continues Elon’s commitment to invest in sustainable solutions on campus and expands Zipcar’s North Carolina operations. Details...

Bring Your Own Mug to College Coffee

October 2, 2007

Do your part in Elon's sustainability initiative. Starting Tuesday, bring a reusable mug to College Coffee. Read this note for more details on B.Y.O.M. and other efforts to promote a green campus …

Tracking printer use pays off with less waste

September 6, 2007

A program to reduce paper waste from computer labs and the Belk Library saved Elon University tens of thousands of dollars in supplies and energy costs last year as faculty, students and campus visitors cut back on printer use by almost 70 percent. Details...