Planning Week Schedule

Using the Event Calendar

The events listed on this site are managed through 25Live, Elon’s event management system managed by the Office of Event and Space Management. 25Live provides the means to add calendar events for a variety of email clients and services. Whether you use a Windows or Mac computer, or use Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or Apple Mail & Calendar to manage your email and individual calendar, we recommend using the Microsoft Office Outlook Calendar option. Instructions for this method are provided below.

Before Getting Started

If you use Outlook Web Access, or already have your Elon email and calendar setup on your computer, you can skip directly to the “how to” section below.

If you are a new Faculty or Staff member, it’s first necessary to setup your email account on your computer or mobile devices to begin adding events to your Elon calendar. For help setting up your account, please contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200 or by emailing

How to Add Events to Your Calendar

  1. Browse the daily schedules listed above this section, or in the site’s navigation menu to the left. Once on a specific day, locate the Timeline section.
  2. Select an event to review by clicking on the event title, or the gray & white plus (+) sign, to expand the section and review the event details. You’ll be presented with the event location, intended audience, the event description, registration or RSVP information (if required), and a link for “Add Event”.
  3. Click the Add Event link to visit the 25Live event detail page.
  4. Click the Add to My Calendar link located below the event details. A popup window will now display confirming the event details, along with options for adding the event to your calendar.

    If you do not receive the popup window, please make sure your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) is set to allow popups for

  5. If not already selected, click Add to my calendar under the Event Actions on the left-hand side of the popup window.
  6. Click the option for Microsoft Office Outlook Calendar located below the “Choose your calendar below…” section.
  7. Click the option for Email me a meeting request (see directions continued below.) [If you click the option for Open as a new appointment, you can then select Download iCalendar File and save to your computer from there.]
  8. Enter your full “” email address in the Email address field.
  9. Click the blue Send to My Outlook Calendar button.
  10. After a few minutes you should receive an email from “Trumba Event Actions”, with a subject line containing the event name, date, and time.
    1. After receiving the email, your calendar application should prompt you to accept the event and add it to your calendar.
    2. If you do not receive this prompt, open the email from Trumba Event Actions. Both Outlook (for Mac or Windows) or Apple Mail (for Mac) should give you options to Accept the event.
    3. If your email application doesn’t directly give you the option to accept the event, the email contains an attachment with an .ics file. Open the .ics file attachment and your default calendar application will open, prompting you to add the event.

      If opening the .ics file does not open your calendar application, your Elon email account is most likely not configured correctly. Please contact the Technology Service Desk for assistance.

How to Receive Event Change Notifications

  1. Perform steps one through four of the instructions above to open the 25Live event details popup window.
  2. Click the Notify me of changes link under the Event Actions on the left-hand side of the popup window.
  3. Enter your name and full email address in their corresponding fields under the Notify me by email…” section.
  4. Click the blue Set Notification button.