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Student media honored by state association

The Pendulum, Phi Psi Cli and Colonnades won a total of 22 awards from the North Carolina College Media Association.

Alex Simon ’17 (from left), Emmanuel Morgan ’19, Courtney Campbell ’17, Tommy Hamzik ’17, Hannah Silvers ’17 and Stephanie Hays ’18 represented The Pendulum at the NCCMA conference Feb 27 in Greensboro. The student newspaper won two Best of Show awards.

​The Pendulum, Phi Psi Cli yearbook and Colonnades literary magazine were awarded individual and Best of Show awards Feb. 27 by the North Carolina College Media Association. The awards were presented at the association’s Conference for College Media Students and Advisers, held at Greensboro College.

The contest included hundreds of entries from more than 20 college media outlets from across the state. Below is a list of only the Elon winners. (The place next to the names indicates where students finished in a particular category.)

NEWSPAPER—SMALL SCHOOL (6,500 enrollment and less)

Best of Show—Newspaper

The Pendulum

Best of Show—Website

The Pendulum


First place, Hali Tauxe-Stewart—“Bernie Sanders rally”
Honorable mention, Jack Hartmann—“Nathan Diehl mobbed by teammates”

Single- or Two-Page Design

Second place, Haley Longbottom—“The Wellness Issue” (page 1)
Honorable mention, Stephanie Hays—“Remembering Demitri Allison” (pages 8 and 9)

Multimedia Package

First place, Sky Cowans and Jordan Spritzer—“At Elon, prescription drugs go over the counter and under the desk”
Second place, Michelle Alfini and Diana Stancy—“Globetrotters at a young age”

News Writing

First place, Tommy Hamzik—“Remembering Demitri Allison”

Feature Writing

First place, Alex Simon—“For Elon’s early birds, tailgating starts with the sun”
Second place, Leena Dahal—“Lifting legs for awareness, visibility and acceptance”
Honorable mention, Courtney Campbell—“From Acorn to Disney World”

Sports Writing

First place, Alex Simon—“Football attempts to move on to ‘new normalcy’”
Third place, Jordan Spritzer—“Men’s soccer forward returns to family home”

Opinion Writing

First place, Leena Dahal—“Take a stand against cultural appropriation”
Honorable mention, Michael Bodley—“Retarded is much, much more than a word”



Second place, Delaney McHugo—“Fat Girl” (page 12)


Second place, Sarah Paterson—“Declined”
Third place, Emily Cinquemani—“Pull Me Free” (page 23)

Two-Page Spread

Second place, Cymry Flood—“Autobiography” (page 76)

Kim Honiball ’17 and Sarah Stone ’19 represented Phi Psi Cli, Elon’s yearbook, at the annual conference. 


Inside Spread Design

First place, Gina Apperson—“100 Editions of Phi Psi Cli”

Student Life Copy

Third place, Jordan Roman—“Short Films”

Pendulum students in attendance were Tommy Hamzik ’17 (editor in chief), Hannah Silvers ’17 (managing editor), Courtney Campbell ’17 (style editor), Alex Simon ’17 (sports editor), Stephanie Hays ’18 (design chief) and Emmanuel Morgan ’19 (assistant news editor). Phi Psi Cli students in attendance were Kim Honiball ’17 (editor in chief) and Sarah Stone ’19 (news editor). Tommy Kopetskie, communications manager for the School of Communications and Phi Psi Cli adviser, also attended the conference.

Tommy Kopetskie,
2/27/2016 7:20 PM