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#ElonGrad sparks conversation and humor

Take a look at some of the Twitter remarks and Instagram photos from Commencement that students, alumni & parents tagged with #ElonGrad.

Image of Alamance via "vveight27" on Instagram


In a week filled with excitement, anxiety, reflections and celebrations, Elon University students and alumni took to social media to share their stories with the world. The #ElonGrad hashtag on Twitter and Instagram filled with not only observations and advice, but wit and charm from hundreds of graduating seniors and alumni around the country.

The Office of University Communications took a look at Twitter in the hours following Commencement 2012 and culled a selection of the finest, funniest and most touching tweets shared by the Elon community. You tweeted pearls of wisdom... photos of campus... and even the names of your new oak saplings.

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#ElonGrad Tweets

@DanniDThomas on 5/14 at 10:18: It's been 12 years since I graduated from the best university in America! I miss that place! #elongrad

@laurenramsdell on 5/14 at 11:05: My final final was so intense I have to ice my wrist to relieve my throbbing tendons. #ElonGrad

Image of the Commencement stage via "laurasoud" on Instagram

@rrobinson0929 on 5/14 at 11:46: My view nearly one YEAR ago #elongrad #elonalumni http://t.co/1G5apgQf

@Rosana58 on 5/15 at 08:59: Flying from Rep of Panama to Elon Univ to attend @VictoriaCx15 graduation under the oaks #elongrad #proudmom woohoo so excited

@LindsayGabriel on 5/15 at 12:51: Need to start packing up my life from the past four years of college - but I seriously am struggling with that concept. #denial #ElonGrad

@OnlyAtElon on 5/15 at 13:28: I wonder which senior will be the first to jump in the Gerald Francis Center Fountain #OnlyatElon #ElonGrad

@jkingwhite on 5/15 at 15:15: Congratulatory shout-out from an @ElonInTriangle alum to the Class of 2012 at @ElonUniversity. Savor your last week on campus! #ElonGrad

@edithveremu on 5/15 at 16:35: Setting up for #Elongrad. Unreal. http://t.co/cG2zcYYz

@cpetersonsays on 5/15 at 16:49: can't believe its been 2 yrs. since my #elongrad ! i would never be where i am today (Paris!) without elon's amazing opportunities & people

Image of a planted oak tree via "nataboo9" on Instagram

@ElonLocalNews on 5/16 at 10:09: Great news Elon! The weather for Saturday's commencement is looking great! It is expected to be mostly sunny with a high of 81 #ElonGrad

@xoGossipSquirl on 5/16 at 11:29: Let's see how many people know what “work attire” really means after #elongrad #shortshortsareanono XOXO, Gossip Squirrel

@gracekrafte on 5/16 at 13:46: Found out that our graduation robes are made from recycled bottles! Another reason to love @elonuniversity. #gogreen #elongrad

@RachelSoutmayd on 5/16 at 14:49: Let the next year of my life pass as slowly as possible. Not ready to be an #elongrad #youcantmakeme

@OAK_House on 5/17 at 13:56: It's true! Elon put blue dye in lake Mary Nell! #elonmyth #ElonGrad http://pic.twitter.com/TjCXNiuz

@kgiffear on 5/17 at 18:41: Finished my Lumen Project :) thank you Elon for this awesome opportunity! #ElonGrad http://pic.twitter.com/Y3TFhPHN

@alexamagnotto on 5/17 at 20:41: Walking around campus with the family. Can't believe it's been 4 years! #ElonGrad

Image of the 2012 ice sculpture via "zunigalaina" on Instagram

@StephOlsen14 on 5/17 at 22:19: Officially done grad school!!!! #ElonGrad #imedia

@alexamilan on 5/18 at 11:38: Can't believe it's been 2 years since I graduated. Congrats to the Class of 2012! Wishing for a lovely day under the oaks for you! #ElonGrad

@DanniDThomas on 5/18 at 3:36: I really miss @ElonUniversity this time of year. Love being Under the Oaks. Proud #elongrad #livethemaroonlife

@MorganAlice on 5/19 at 00:32: In denial that I graduate from @elonuniversity in less than 9 hours! Can it be freshman year again?! #ElonGrad

@GregJayson on 5/19 t 7:06: After five years, I'm finally certifiable... As a college grad. #ElonGrad

@bdw890 on 5/19 at 7:42: All good things must come to an end. Graduation here I come! #ElonGrad

@ElonHillel on 5/19 at 8:30: A big Mazel Tov to all the graduates today! #ElonGrad

Image of Elon grads processing via "chutkin" on Instagram

@ReadingRican on 5/19 at 8:43: The president mentioned what he said freshman year. I'm already crying #timeflew #elongrad

@MichellePojasek on 5/19 at 9:04: Wow - two years since I sat under the oaks at #ElonGrad. See you at homecoming! #LongLiveElon

@petitoignon on 5/19 at 9:15: @HeadPhoenix explaining how to cross the stage without injury and embarrassment. Def taking notes #ElonGrad

@Jhgregs on 5/19 at 9:21: iPhone's and droids = mirrors in 2012 #ElonGrad

@taymck219 on 5/19 at 9:22: processing through professors & mentors that have made all the difference in my time at @elonuniversity was incredible #thankful #elongrad

@therealJ8K5 on 5/19 at 9:30: Feeling all warm & fuzzy thinking of how I felt on this day a year ago. You may leave @elonuniversity but Elon never leaves you. #ElonGrad

@hoohoo3000 on 5/19 at 9:36: Remember this Elon students: you'll never see this many attractive people in one place again #elongrad

Image of parents on Scott Plaza via "tucker" on Instagram

@Ecmoy on 5/19 at 9:41: If youre having heel problems i feel bad for you son, i got 99 probs but my shoes aint one #tripping #elongrad

@DietJay on 5/19 at 9:41: There must be something wrong with my ears, this sounds nothing like that one Vitamin C song #ElonGrad

@HayleyRianne on 5/19 at 9:58: Class president thanking the janitors in his speech. Too sweet #ElonGrad

@suzlass on 5/19 at 10:00: Props to Elon for providing crucial hangover water bottles. #elongrad

@Call_Me_Sheriff on 5/19 at 10:02: Commencement speaker is President of Dell Services. Free computers for all the grads?! #ElonGrad #dellswag

@lhart5 on 5/19 at 10:07: I don't know how Leo got it to be a breezy day under the oaks- magic? #elongrad

@kristen_fackler on 5/19 at 10:13: Congrats class of 2012! Can't believe it's been a year since I graduated! Enjoy this very special day #ElonGrad

@LindsayGabriel on 5/19 at 10:17: Can't wait to shake Leo's hand! @headphoenix #ElonGrad

@SamBaranowski on 5/19 at 10:19: Guy in front of me just yelled "hufflepuff!". Proud to be from the unofficial Hogwarts of NC. #elongrad

@hoohoo3000 on 5/19 at 11:14: How long do you think @HeadPhoenix washes his hand after this? #elongrad

@Loriann428 on 5/19 at 18:45: Elon class of 2012 graduated today, and I don't know a single one of them, but we are bonded as alumni. LONG LIVE ELON #ELONGRAD

@Mitch_KSTP on 5/19 at 19:08: Wearing my @elonuniversity tie on @KSTP tonight to celebrate the class of 2012! #elongrad http://t.co/HbHJyQLH

@PhysicsPhoenix on 5/19 at 20:49: What could be better than a vase of flowers? Why a vase with an oak tree in it! #elongrad http://t.co/Q1JDpB5n

@zunigalaina on 5/20 at 12:18: Thanks @elonuniversity for bringing together the girls I will one day call my bridesmaids & future godmothers #elongrad http://t.co/GNgzz7p4

@danielhenke on 5/20 at 12:41: Angsty tweet about saying goodbye to all my friends #ElonGrad

@lizziejohnson2 on 5/20 at 15:07: People are judging me as I walk through the airport with an Oak Sapling.... #ElonGrad

@lkurtz on 5/21 at 9:14: A year ago about now, I was processing for my #ElonGrad at beautiful @elonuniversity. My, how my life has changed since then. #longliveElon

@laurenransdell on 5/21 at 9:27: Decided to name my tree Annie. Bonus points if you get the joke. #ElonGrad


Eric Townsend,
5/22/2012 4:10 PM